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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a way forward. 

In our own heads we can 'loop' and stay stuck. When this happens, we are running from the Unconscious mind but we are mainly unaware of it! How do we know this? The evidence is in our lives and our outcomes in different areas of our lives. If something in your life isn't working, you are running an unconscious limiting program. 

What life coaches do is talk to the UNCONSCIOUS mind and help you to find the answers you've been looking for. They help you to uncover the unconscious so that you can happily let go of limitations and move forward to embrace the life you deserve. Together we strip away the layers of conditioning and negative patterns that keep you stuck and start to replace them with positive, resourceful, motivating, empowering tools instead! This life is precious, I am so passionate about helping people to make the most of it! Lets do this!

'Until we make the unconscious conscious we will let it direct our life and we will call it fate' -Carl Jung.

Life Coaching  -  Deep State Repatterning  -  Mindfulness  -  Empowerment  -  Meditation
Mindset  - Chakra Alignment  -  Sound Healing  -  Essential Oils  -  Anchoring -  NLP - EFT


Jess, Broome WA.

''I have learnt more about myself from ONE session coaching than I have in 33 years of life'' 

Sarah, Broome WA.

''Through my coaching sessions I have been able to let go of negative beliefs I've held onto almost my whole life. This has blown me away. I never thought it was possible. Thank you for showing me how.''

Tina, Torronto, Canada

''Coaching has made me realise that I am 100% responsible for the outcomes in my life. Monique helped me to overcome some disempowering beliefs around myself and success so that I could more forward'' 

Tim, Broome WA

For the same price I used to pay on a night out, I managed to turn my whole life around from desperate and depressed to light and hopeful and happy. I'd happily pay that 100 times to feel how I feel now. Amazing.' 

Karen, Montana, USA‚Äč

'I believe I have moved forward more with coaching than I have from years of counselling'' 

Leanne, Harvey W.A

''I 'liked' Live the Life You Love's page on Facebook purely because I liked the pictures - but who knew that this one mouse click would change my life so gloriously. I took up an offer to have a session with Monique and within an hour my self-perception did a compete 180. She has a warm friendly manner and within minutes you feel as though you are catching up with a long time friend. I entered the session with 43 years of excess baggage that I was so used to carrying with me everywhere. Within 60 minutes though, I was ready to fly into a new life with just one trendy little carry-on bag filled with the most amazing tools and visions for the future. I constantly have people stop me and try and work out what's different about me, they say I look amazing but can't work out what the change is, I've been told I glow from within, that I have a 'presence', that I am 'radiant'. But I can pinpoint the change - it's simple - I'm so happy and grateful for my amazing life! The incredible thing is that it was in me all along but my negative beliefs kept my happiness and self-esteem suppressed. We all know that effects straight after motivational sessions tend to fade - but not in this case. It's been close to a year now since my session and the changes Monique helped me to make are 100% as strong today as they were a year ago. Thanks Monique - you really ARE a life changer!'' 

Are you ready to step forward in life?

'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.'

'Rewrite your beliefs and you rewrite your perceptions...'

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'NLP is MAGIC! I didn't realise that change could be so easy and so fun!'

 - Cheryl, 45, Melbourne

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is one of the tools I use in Coaching. It is performance enhancement. It is about the language of our brain and how it 'programs'. Our brains are 'soft wired' not 'hard wired'. They are continually changing with every experience and every thought we have. 

 We can use NLP to program better and faster results and to re-program things that aren't working for us such as limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, anxiety and stress. 

Once only available to elite Atheletes and hot shot CEO's, NLP is now being widely used by many people who would like to make permanent change to experience more fulfillment and success. 

NLP works with the unconscious mind. Recent studies show that our brains are just a mere 3% conscious and 97% unconscious. We have known for a long time that our unconscious mind is there to keep our hearts beating and our lungs breathing but it is used for much much more, such as storing memories, behaviours and habits, values and beliefs. 

Using NLP as a tool in coaching, assists the coach to unlock a clients potential and helping to create lasting change in beliefs, behaviours & habits through the unconscious mind. 

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