'advocating deeper CONNECTION.... to ourselves... to others... to nature.... to spirit''

My Story

Life is precious, it's time to live,

not just 'survive'

More than a life coach

Hello! I'm Monique, I'm a 'seasoned' and qualified teacher, life coach and musician. I've worked in education for over 20 years... been teaching Music and in bands for 20 years and running my business 'Compose with Monique' for 12 years!

I spent most of my 20's STUCK.

Stuck in toxic relationships and in poor health; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not feeling a purpose in life, not knowing what I wanted to do, I'd shut down anything that bought me joy as a child, I was drinking every day, smoking a packet of cigarettes a day, being a gossip, negatively dramatic, deeply in victim mode (everything was everyone else's fault), I had weak boundaries and let myself be used and abused, lacked real confidence and deep down hated myself. I felt really stuck.

I got really sick of myself and my life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. 

I believe finding coaching and it's philosophies saved me. 

Once I made a decision that I was the ONE who needed to HELP ME. Coaching is ALL about us FIRST, taking responsibility of our life and it's outcomes, taking the steering wheel!

I believe that every course I did, every workshop, every online and offline course I've been to since, everything that was out of my comfort zone but I did it anyway has lead me to be the holistically happy person I am today! 

It is my pleasure to now be helping others connect to their inner PEACE, POWER & PASSION.

My many passions are Music, Energy and Education in all it's forms and they happen to beautifully compliment each other! I use my knowledge of vibration, frequency healing, sound healing, colour therapy, NLP, EFT, essential oils, astrology and much more in the many workshops & personal sessions I run. More than 'just life coaching'! 

It's my greatest joy to help someone move forward from unconscious restricting conditioning and connect into their own happiness!

I deeply believe that EVERYONE has the CHOICE to live the life of their dreams with GREATER happiness, MORE peace & freedom and DEEPER love. 

I am armed with inspiration and ready for action! 

Live your life. How you WANT to. Now. Let me show you how to let go of the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and playing it 'safe' and 'small'. Let me hold your hand as you bring back the rhythm in your step, dance to the beat of your own drum and sing your own song! 

Live the Life you Love! Love the Life you Live!

Monique xx


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